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The University of Missouri has transitioned to a new virtual parking permit system for visitor registration and payment.  This virtual parking system is in effect for commuters to campus as well as those staying in Campus Housing.  

You must have your license plate number, state and make/model of your vehicle when completing the process.  Payment can be made via credit card.  Parking is $12.00 for the week.  We advise you to take a screen shot or keep a copy of submission for your records.  This is something you could complete on site via a smart phone or prior to your arrival. 

Parking for commuters is in Virginia Avenue Parking Structure, Level 4 and above.  Level 1-3 is reserved for faculty, staff and students.  Please make sure to park on Level 4 or above.  There is an elevator on the North West corner if needed.  A map is linked on the registration site below.

Virtual Parking Permit:  Click here to register